About Us

My name is Roger Catarino, and prior to starting my own company, I worked as a senior executive for 35 years with Coca-Cola, Anheuser- Busch and Pepsi-Co.

In 2002, I took early retirement from Pepsi, and my wife and I started First Fruits Business Ministry, LLC, as a privately held LLC, that includes friends and family as Members in our company.

Our focus is on Health / Wellness and Fitness through Patented and Proprietary products that are safe with no negative side effects, as well as being all-natural and plant-based.

We have been awarded two Patents from the USPTO, and we have a third Patent pending. We have multiple clinical studies that validate the efficacy of our products.

Our Patents and Products focus on losing body fat and building lean muscle, all with no negative side effects.

The secret points of differentiation with our products are their positive effect in hormonal change, by lowering leptin so you know when you are satisfied after eating. The second effect our product has on the hormone adiponectin is to release and burn stored fat in a natural and healthy way.

NO gimmicks! Just pure and honest Science that truly works in a safe and healthy way.

  • We personally use our own products daily.
  • We also have a total 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We are a United States company, family owned and operated, and we ship orders within 24 hours of receipt of the order.
  • First Fruits owns 2 Patents awarded by the USPTO that also support and allow 49 Structure Function Claims.
  • Our Patented Ingredients are GRAS approved by the FDA , Kosher certified, ALL NATURAL AND PLANT BASED.
  • Our Ingredients are supported by 3 Human Clinical Studies that validate the efficacy; all with NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS.
  • Our Product / Ingredients are APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA.
  • Our Ingredients / Product has been Dr. Approved and FDA CERTIFIED.

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